Custom Financial Solutions For Discerning Investors

We engineer custom-tailored portfolios that have historically delivered higher returns, with minimal volatility and risk. We do this by using tax shelters, leverage, and smarter planning. 

Custom Financial Solutions For Discerning Investors

We engineer custom-tailored portfolios that have historically delivered higher returns, with minimal volatility and risk. We do this by using tax shelters, leverage, and smarter planning. 

What We Do, And How We Do It



Most financial planners are focused on making your gains bigger. Their secondary concern is making your losses smaller.

At Wealth Apex®, our first step, for any client, is to eliminate the likelihood and magnitude of losses. This primarily means protecting you from market downturns and taxes.

Only after we minimize your risk as much as possible do we turn our attention to maximizing gains. The net result is performance equal or close to major stock market indices in good years, without losses in the bad years. We also have passive income opportunities in real estate and other asset classes that have historically returned 8% to 12%… a rarity in today’s world of low interest rates.

Because our clients’ assets don’t decrease in value when the market goes down, they are often able to use leverage to invest their money twice at the same time.

For example, you may be able to grow the same dollar with stock market gains and real estate investments at the same time. This feature is especially important for business owners who want to invest their money for the long term, but who need their capital available for immediate investments in their businesses. Over time, our clients experience dramatically better results, with a lot less stress and anxiety.

At the end of the day, we encourage everybody to educate themselves and see what their different options are. Find out what we can do for you, compare your options and make the best decision for you and your family.

What People Are Saying About Us:

Working with Wealth Apex® was a great experience. As someone who used to work in the financial industry, I was very impressed with their financial sophistication and it’s obvious that they want what’s best for their clients.”

-Alex Upperman

Founder of Zhou Nutrition

Sam and his team made this entire process extremely easy for me to understand and explained the benefits of using leverage for your personal balance sheet while maintaining liquidity with your capital. He was extremely helpful in answering all of the questions that I had and making me feel comfortable, no matter how ‘beginner’ my questions were. He is very knowledge about finances and investments, and would always share his thoughts and opinions when I would bring up an investment idea I had with him. He was always looking at the investment from a different angle that I had not thought about initially, providing me with a new look at that investment.

-Matt McAllester

Owner of True Recovery LLC

“Wealth Apex®  has become my go-to for financial advice. If you care about your finances, you will listen to them and take their advice. My financial outlook is definitely much stronger as a result!

-George Rivera

Ecommerce Entrepreneur and Investor

Why We’re Different

Most financial planners and insurance agents are products of a system that teaches people what to do with other peoples’ money, out of textbooks.  The problem is that financial textbooks are products of institutions on Wall Street, and can’t replace years of investing experience or actual investing of your own money.  Everywhere you look, Wall Street is failing American investors.

Too many people are saddled with high fees, high taxes, and frequent market downturns. A prisoner can’t unlock his own prison cell, and a product of the institutional investing system can’t see outside of the cage they were “educated” into.

Our partners and staff come from outside the system. We have a fresh perspective on wealth planning, asset management, and retirement investing. Talk with us, and you’ll quickly see the difference.

Our Principles

At Wealth Apex®, we abide by six key principles:


1. The most important rule in investing is “don’t lose money.” (Warren Buffett came up with this one ).

2. The fastest way to increase returns is to eliminate taxes.

3. Provide complete and total transparency to all clients.

4. Give clients flexibility, so you are never stuck in an investment and can easily move your money.

5. Educate our clients.

6.  Make clients so happy they recommend us to their friends.

About Our Clients

Our clients come from a range of backgrounds; Some are middle -class, and some are millionaires. However, they all have one thing in common: a firm conviction that nobody deserves to be a victim of the failed asset management and retirement solutions, hawked by big institutions, politicians, and the media.  

For decades, you’ve been told to save money, put it into mutual funds or the stock market, and wait for it to grow. Wall Street and the Government always profit handsomely when you invest this way, but most Americans do not.

The good news is that there is a better way.

Find Out What We Can Do For You

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