Meet the Team




Richard Amburn

Senior Wealth Strategist


Richard was raised by two incredible parents, Jim and Dot. Jim was a nuclear physicist who worked for General Electric, and Dot was a CPA. Richard got his start in the robotics industry, where he quickly rose through the ranks and developed an expertise in engineering, automation, and project management.

Richard had a strong interest in investing and pursued it with a passion, developing close relationships with business owners, real estate developers, and the people behind the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” empire. In time, Richard became an expert investor himself.

In 2005, he left engineering and landed at a firm that specialized in Self Directed IRAs that invested in real estate.   Richard later co-founded Easy IRA Solutions, a firm that focused and helped high-net-worth individuals shelter alternative asset investments from capital gains taxes, through self managed IRA’s.

Soon thereafter, the 2008 financial crisis hit. Richard’s parents had dutifully followed the instructions of the retirement “experts” out there, investing their life savings in the stock market and their personal home. The financial crisis wiped out their decades of responsible investing.

How could it be that a nuclear physicist and an accountant—two bright and responsible people—could lose almost everything in close to one year by following the “expert advice” from the financial media?

Richard was inspired to look for a better way for affluent individuals to invest their capital, and for middle-class Americans to save for retirement. He co-founded Wealth Apex®, which helps clients eliminate high fees, eliminate taxes, and protect their money from market downturns. At Wealth Apex®, Richard is responsible for overseeing operations and client services, by continuously searching for the best investment products. Richard also manages Easy IRA Solutions to this day.


Samuel Prentice

Senior Wealth Strategist


Sam Prentice is an investment expert with a passion for “asymmetrical risk/reward profiles” – in other words, taking very small amounts of risk that can yield extremely large rewards. In his downtime, Sam likes to spend time with his family, as well as play baseball, swim, or just read a book.

Sam continuously upgrades his expertise by reading over 500 financial articles per year. In his own words: “Anything related to finance, I eat, sleep, and breathe it.”   Sam believes that disciplined clients should have control of their own money, that popular trends should be neither taken for granted nor ignored, and that financial advice should be individually tailored to an investor’s specific goals, psychology, time horizon, past experience, and overarching market conditions.

Sam first became exposed to the insurance industry when his mother was diagnosed with stage -four cancer,  and was told she had six months to live. Thank Heaven, she lived for ten more years. During that time, Sam’s father devoted one-and-a-half days per week to managing all of the paperwork demanded by his mother’s insurance companies.

It was in this environment, at a young age, that Sam began to have a fascination for the insurance industry. He saw first hand how “the devil is in the details,” realizing the power of one or two clauses to dramatically change payout to the policyholder. Upon graduating college, Sam decided to enter the insurance industry and apply his experience to help clients get the best insurance plans possible.

Sam co-founded Wealth Apex® to provide superior investment planning to high-net-worth and middle class clients. Sam is responsible for financial planning, insurance contracts, and client education. He has a passion for client service and makes sure our clients know that they are like family to us.

Reece Epstein

Director of Marketing and Client Education


Reece Epstein is a marketing expert with experience serving the financial industry. Reece got an early exposure to investing through his father, who spent close to a decade as a full-time investor trading derivative contracts. He recalls watching CNBC Market Watch as early as the age of eight. His close familiarity and personal experience with the world of investing uniquely qualifies Reece to create meaningful educational experiences for investors that help them understand the advantages Wealth Apex® has to offer.

Reece graduated from the University of Virginia with an honors degree in philosophy. He became inspired to study Talmudic law in Jerusalem, Israel. He also developed a passion for Internet marketing, and formed his own consultancy, Reputation Elevation.

Today, he lives in the Judean Hills with his wife and two sons. 

Reece is in charge of marketing for Wealth Apex®. He believes in several key principles:

  • Only market what you believe in
  • Market honestly
  • Market transparently
  • Educate people so they can make better decisions for themselves


It is based on these principles that Reece has implemented a marketing approach that is meant to actively serve the public, while getting out the word about Wealth Apex®.