Wealth Apex® Principles

At Wealth Apex®, we abide by seven key principles:

  1. The most important rule in investing is “don’t lose money.” (We admit that Warren Buffett came up with this one before we did)
  2. The fastest way to increase returns is to eliminate taxes.
  3. Provide complete and total transparency to all clients.
  4. Keep fees low
  5. Give clients flexibility, so you are never stuck in an investment and can easily move your money wherever you please
  6. Educate our clients
  7. Make clients so happy they recommend us to their friends.

Whom We Serve

Wealth Apex® serves clients across the United States. Our clients typically invest $500,000 to $5,000,000 with us, though we also service clients who are still building to these amounts. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, including:

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Medical professionals
  • Real estate investors
  • CPA’s
  • Lawyers
  • Professionals of all sorts

Our clients are typically people who do not want to settle for the 401k’s, IRA’s, or brokerage accounts usually offered to retail investors. They seek a more sophisticated approach that shelters them from a system which is designed to benefit the Government and Wall Street, but not you.